Sunday, July 09, 2006

John Adams Bobble Arm Day

I'm heading down to the Jake this afternoon to watch the Tribe attempt to take two out of three from the Orioles. Of course, the game is secondary to the festivities surrounding John Adams and his "bobble arm" that will be given out to kids 14 and under.

You know, since they're using this guy to put asses in the seats, it might be a nice gesture for the Indians to see to it that he doesn't have to pay for his season tickets anymore. Adams has been banging his drum without interruption for more than 30 years, often for teams that nobody should have had to watch, and frequently in front of crowds that could have fit in your garage. That kind of loyalty should be rewarded, especially if the team's marketing department is attempting to capitalize on it.

Update: Two wild pitches and a passed ball? Seriously guys, WTF? Then, as I'm walking out of the park, some lady buys a bobble arm from one of my kids for $20, which royally pisses off the other kid and complicates my ride home worse than the construction on the I-480 ramp. Thanks for nothin' Tribe. Hope it rains on your golf games all through the break.

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