Thursday, March 18, 2010


My alma mater, Ohio University, just won its first round game by spanking Georgetown 97-83. The last time the Bobcats won an NCAA game was while I was in college in
1983. That was great. Tonight was simply unbelievable.

Ohio was a 14 seed. Georgetown was a 3.

Georgetown was rattled from almost the beginning of the game and never recovered. Even though the Hoyas outscored Ohio in the paint, OU rained in three-pointers throughout the game. OU's guards, junior Armon Bassett and true freshman D.J. Cooper, controlled the game, and the Hoyas couldn't stop them. I couldn't stop watching---not even for an instant.

Great win. I can't write anything more.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Bambino

I just toasted the ever-lovin' Babe with a chilly one in honor of his 115th, which officially ended about an hour ago. For me, his name still means the excitement of baseball when I was young. I think it always will.

George Will, in comparing him to others who played the game, referred to him as
"an Everest in Kansas." I think that's about right.