Sunday, July 09, 2006

Vittoria Dolce!

Italy beat France for the World Cup. The match was decided 5-3 by penalty kicks. The funny thing is that the Italian team has been known for its cantenaccio defense rather than its scoring ability. While I know most of the USA could care less, I'm thrilled. Although I'm not usually a superstitious guy, I've purposely refrained from two things for the last week: blogging and sex. Now with the Cup where it belongs, my absence from the blog and my celibacy can end.

I didn't want to try to post anything about the World Cup because I was fearful that it would come back to haunt me. I mean, you just never know.

The same was true about having sex. I guess that comes from following Cleveland sports. I thought that, if I somehow enjoyed myself, I'd be punished by the sports gods. It may all be a bunch of malarkey, but with the paucity of championships around here, I didn't want to chance it.

You may laugh, but the Cup is on its way to Roma, and hopefully, I'm in for a vicious bouncing tonight.

Viva Italia.


Hornless Rhino said...

Congrats, but I'm calling "bullshit!" on the abstinence claim.

Uncle June said...

Those shit-eating French got what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

There may have been no sex, but is it really abstinence if his partner cut him off for the week?