Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wahoo! The Indians are in town.

That's what the Royals' fans have to be saying tonight. The KC Royals, one of the most poorly-run professional sports franchises, beat the Indians tonight. But, that's not some aberration. Although the Royals have now only won 8 games, three of them have been victories over the Tribe. The Royals-Indians series is now 1-3 in favor of KC. 9 hitters that no casual baseball fan knows about beat the Injuns 4-3. They were aided by the efforts of 5 pitchers no one knows about and no one else wanted.

Great job guys. Wedge just keeps blinking and chewing sunflower seeds. Carl Willis still hasn't figured out why Tribe pitchers are giving up so many bases on balls, but he's doing a hell of a job on the big barrel of sunflower seeds in the dugout.

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