Monday, May 08, 2006

Berea Spin Machine

After taking a few months off, it looks like the Berea Spin Machine is back in action. Once again, the Browns appear to have delegated to Jim Brown the responsibility for putting lipstick on yet another pig. When we last heard from Brown, I believe he was trashing Phil Savage to the Cleveland media just before the coup that toppled John Collins.

I'm not angry at Jim Brown, although I'd like to think he'd know better by now. I am annoyed at Randy Lerner and the rest of the front office, who don't seem to have a problem with using a Cleveland Browns icon as a shill.

Shame on you guys. I think Frye's got some potential and I'm all for giving him a shot, but you made a bad trade and you know it. Stop pissing on our heads and trotting out #32 to tell us that it's raining.

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