Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wimbley's the guy.

With the 13th pick they got from Art Modell's old team, the Browns selected DE Kamerion Wimbley. Everyone seems to think he'll be a great outside speed rusher. I don't.

He's too weak. I think AFC Central fullbacks will kick his ass unless he gets a hell of a lot stronger.

I'll say one thing, Savage has some stones. He passed on Haloti Ngata, who I believe will be an immediate starter and big run stopper, but more than that, he allowed a divisional rival to get Ngata.

This just in: Art Modell still sucks.


Peter said...

At least you've got to give Savage some credit for duping the Ravens out of a 6th round pick. This morning he was quoted as saying, in essence, "if he's there, Ngata's our guy, but he'll be long gone." You gotta think Savage knew Baltimore wanted Ngata but that Savage wanted Wimbley. Baltimore was scated enough Savage had meant what he'd said, they were willing to deal.

Mike said...

He has to be better than any of the last 16 guys we've chosen in the first round, doesn't he???

Vinny said...

I give Savage all the credit in the world. He definitely duped the Ravens. He didn't spank them as dramatically as one of the dumbest guys in football, Matt Millen, did to Butch Davis a couple of years ago when we gave up a first and second to move up one spot. Nevertheless, he did get over on his old team.

I can't dog Savage at all. He may be the first Browns personnel guy in my lifetime who knows what he's doing. I've always felt the Browns won (when they did) in spite of their shitty drafts.

I think Savage had a few guys he wanted, and would have traded down even further if a willing partner had been there. I suspect the Ravens' deal was the only one he could get.

Vinny said...

Oh yeah. I forgot. Jump Art. Jump.