Saturday, April 29, 2006

Draft Day

Houston tossed a grenade into the mock draft universe last night by signing Mario Williams of NC State. Based on what I've heard on NFL Radio this morning, Texans fans aren't happy, but I remember Philadelphia fans booing when Donovan McNabb was selected. You just never know, although I'm glad I'm not a Texans fan this morning.

Pat McManamon has a last minute take on the Browns' options this morning. So does Steve Doerschuk, who thinks the Browns might deal their pick. Doerschuk notes that some pundits see A.J. Hawk falling as far as 9th, which might be far enough for Savage to make a move. (Please God, I've been good.) Tony Grossi says it's Ngata if he's there, and Wimbley if he isn't. Jeff Schudel says they should take Wimbley.

My guess is that the Browns will take Kamerion Wimbley, which means they won't take Kamerion Wimbley. Even though Wimbley's going to need to be converted into a 3-4 OLB, I think I'd rather see them take that risk than spend a first round pick on a NT, who is basically a run stopper. That being said, McManamon's column suggests that they think either Ngata or Bunkley could play DE. If Ngata's really athletic enough to play DE in passing situations, he could be a holy terror on the field.

Now let's rock-n-roll...

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