Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Cavs Flat Out Kicked Butt

Sure, I'm a Cavs' skeptic, and I'm not the biggest NBA fan you'll ever come across. But on a day like this, I'm not even going to think about throwing a turd in the punch bowl. That was just AWESOME!!! What a great start to the playoffs.

Unfortunately, I didn't see it on TV. My oldest son was in a lacrosse tournament in Medina, so I listened in on the radio. It brought back some great memories. I've never heard a [insert corporate name here] Arena crowd that loud throughout a game. I drove past the site of the old Richfield Colisseum on my way to and from my son's games, and I've got to tell you, that was an early 1990s Colisseum crowd I heard on the radio.

Just when I think LeBron James can't do anything more to impress us, he goes out and gets a triple double in his first career playoff game. That's just sick. Then you had guys like Marshall and Snow elevate their games way above where they were in the regular season. It was just an unbelievable afternoon.

What I liked most about the game was that the Cavs simply wouldn't let Washington put together a run. Every time the Wizards looked like they might bring the Cavs lead into single digits, LeBron or Snow or Marshall would spark a 6-0 run. Gilbert Arenas fouling out in the last two minutes was the icing on the cake of what may be the best performance by a Cavaliers team that I've seen since the early 1990s.

The Cavs have a long way to go to win this series, but I think it's fair to say that Cleveland fans haven't had a day better than today in quite some time.


Jimbo said...

Rhino, I was at the game and couldn't agree with you more. Very much like the Richfield crowds, even it you had to pay $50 to sit in the upper deck. Your definitely right, easily the best Cavs performance in 10+ years.

Hornless Rhino said...

You definitely saw one to remember, Jimbo.