Sunday, April 23, 2006

Unbelievable Hit in Sabres v. Flyers Game

I'll confess to not watching the Indians last night, and I'm not going to ruin my Cavs buzz by talking about them now.

Instead, I decided to watch the Sabres play the Flyers in the first round of the NHL Eastern Conference playoffs. Boy, did I make the right decision. The Flyers tied the game 2-2 with less than two minutes left in regulation, and the Sabres went on to win it in double overtime, despite a spectacular performance by Philadelphia goalie Robert Esche.

As good as the Sabres game was overall, there's one highlight in particular that I think you'll see on SportsCenter for quite some time, and that's this hit. The Sabres' Brian Campbell absolutely laid out the Flyers' R.J. Umberger during the first overtime period. The hit was as clean as it was vicious, and fortunately, Umberger's going to be okay.

For my money, there's nobody in sports tougher than the guys who take the ice every night in the NHL.

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