Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm worn out.

I just read the story that Alex Rodriguez allegedly has been diddling around with Kristin Davis, who used to be Eliot Spitzer's favorite madam.

I guess I find it mildly amusing, but I'm really worn out by hearing about Rodriguez's antics. Plus, this sounds like another case where he got all creepy and solicitous. while patheticly falling all over some other hooch. Following Alex's steroid mea culpa, this is gonna play really well with the media. The best part is that Madam Kristin is poised to violate the milleniums-old hooker's code and is going to name names in her upcoming "book."

I could really care less about Rodriguez's paid sex games. Like I said, I'm pretty worn out hearing about this guy. And with respect to Ms. Davis, yeah, the massive jugs are pretty impressive, but she looks a little mannish to me.


Joey Peeps said...

Were I a certain newcomer lefty starter to the Yankee clubhouse, I would ingratiate myself with my new teammates by breaking A-Rod's balls, constantly, about the gender of this expensive (expansive?) liaison.

Sweet Dick Willy said...

I didn't notice his face.