Friday, November 09, 2007

A Little Something for The Xs and Os Junkies

For quite some time, I've thought that Navy's Paul Johnson may well be college football's best coach. He certainly showcased his coaching ability last weekend when he and his squad put it to my beloved and beleaguered Fighting Irish.

I don't know about you, but I love watching an Option offense like Navy's. It isn't always the most exciting offense, but it is the offense that, at the college level, has enabled more out-manned teams to compete over the years than any other I can think of. At the high school level, that honor has to go to the Double Wing, but in college, it's the Option, hands down.

With App State's win over Michigan, some may say that the Spread Option offense will supplant the traditional Option as the choice of undermanned squads, but I don't think so. The Spread Option runs on speed, and the teams that do it best are those with great athletes. App State was smaller than Michigan, but its backs and receivers were blazingly fast -- or at least faster than anything that the Wolverines could throw at them on defense.

In contrast, the traditional Option depends primarily on discipline -- guys consistently being in the right place at the right time -- and on the QB making the right reads. For some reason I've got a problem linking directly to this post, but if you click here and scroll down to the post entitled "Simple Complexity," you'll get the best analysis of Paul Johnson's offense that you'll ever see outside of a coaches clinic, complete with game footage from the Notre Dame v. Navy game. If you're an Xs and Os guy, this one is guaranteed to make your day.


Chocolate Starfish said...

Goulet, Goulet, you've gone and passed away

On Sundays we eat ham a lot. We loved you so in Camelot.

Sometimes you gave Carol the back of your hand. You took no shit, La Mancha Man

If ever you would leave us you said it wouldn't be in summer. You died in October and that is a bummer.

God's choir director must have been needy. He took you instead of Steve and Eydie

Now you, like your hair, is dyed. Thank you, Bob, for a helluva ride.

Robert Goulet
American Master

Hornless Rhino said...

That was a very moving tribute, Starfish -- it even rhymed and everything.

This has got to be a tough year for you, what with Bob's passing coming so quickly on the heels of Merv's death.

Admit it -- You actually read Carol Lawrence's book, didn't you?

Vinny said...

Nicely done. The year and a half at community college was money well spent.