Sunday, November 11, 2007

Do The Right Thing

Romeo, it's time.

Please submit your resignation, or at least inform Savage that you'll do so immediately after the last game.

You're a lousy head coach. You might have been a good defensive coach, although it's not evident here in Cleveland with the abomination you and Grantham keep trotting out on Sundays. But, I'll concede that you know something about being a good defensive coordinator. What I won't do is pretend that you're a good head coach or administrator. There's too much evidence to the contrary. The loss to the hated Steelers today was yours. You earned it. Now, own it. Who the hell calls a timeout and then tosses the red challenge flag? That's the kind of shit that causes road rage. Who the hell loses two timeouts on one play?

You. Only you.

Don't you think an extra timeout might have been helpful during your last possession? I was watching the game with a bunch of drunks. Even they were stunned by your double timeout. Why don't you get a clue about running a team, or at least do what my pals did---start drinking and then go home...for good.


Hornless Rhino said...


Don't you think you were a little tough on The Beaver?

There's no doubt that the double time-out was a bonehead move, and that the play never should have been challenged in the first place, but I think Crennel's done a decent job overall so far this season.

I'm more pissed off at Darnell Dinkins, who for the second straight week put the team behind the eight-ball with a stupid holding penalty on a punt return late in the fourth quarter. Last week, the Browns were able to overcome it. This week, they ended up about two feet short.

Heath said...

I'm more pissed off at this offense generating 3rd quarter drives of 3,3,1,3 plays.

If one, and I mean one of those drives goes for a score, it's a Brown Win.

Anonymous said...

Were we watching the same game? A key reason that the Browns even stayed in it was piss-poor Special Teams play by Pittsburgh, giving them two quick-and-easy scores early and late. Heck, my grandmother could've run into the end zone for two of those TDs, and she's been dead for 40 years. (Even Jamal Lewis runs like HE's been dead for 40 years.) The Browns' ground game was nonexistent, was it not? And Anderson had no ball control (or true efficiency) for the entire second half, this despite NOT even being sacked--true? So what made them so formidable? Their potential, or Steeler ineptitude?
It's one thing to eke out a win over Seattle, or the Rams, or anyone else with sub-par records. And it's also reassuring to think that a heated-and-hated rivalry has been renewed. I certainly want "the old days" to come back, because Pgh-Cleveland is tradition at its finest. But for now, I for one am hesitant to call this rivalry "back" just because of one game over a half-decade that "might-have-been." Stevie Wonder could've seen the end of this game when the Steelers made it 21-16, Romeo's miscue or no.