Sunday, September 16, 2007

Woof Woof!

The Bengals come to town today looking for a quick and easy win. They'll get the win, but it might not be as easy as everyone seems to think. I'm not gonna do something nuts like predict a Browns' victory, but the Bengals' health raises a few uncertainties about the team. Their offensive line was really beaten up last year, and they haven't really figured out how to use Levi Brown. So, the running game's a little suspect. However, the passing game is not. Carson Palmer will be throwing darts all over the field. If Poole, Jones, Holly and Bodden play like they did against the F***ing Steelers, it's gonna be a long, long day. Carson Palmer is a killer. But, I've got a good feeling.

I think the defense will respond. They'll play a solid game. The problem is that Derrek Anderson isn't going to put enough points on the board or move the ball enough to keep Palmer off the field. The end result is the Browns lose, as expected. I just think the defense makes Palmer and the O work for the win.

The score will be something like 31-24. Have a nice afternoon.

Me, I'll be at the Tribe game.

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