Sunday, September 09, 2007


After 4:13 into the game--- BRA-deee, BRA-deeee, BRA-deeeee.

Frye throws his first INT of the new season.


peter said...

Can we stop fooling around with guys who can't play qb? What's the point of holding Quinn back? You can't say Frye or Anderson gives the team a better chance of winning. In fact, I'd cut them both after their "performances" today, name Quinn the starter, and sign Dorsey and Leftwich as backups.

Playing Frye or Anderson isn't fair to the rest of the team, and it isn't fair to us fans. I've been sitting in those seats for over 8 wretched seasons now, and they've finally got some talent, but no how, no way, will Charlie Frye or Derek Anderson EVER have the ability to win in the NFL.

Hornless Rhino said...

Kill me now.