Sunday, June 17, 2007

Game 68----Tribe wins to avoid the sweep.

I just got home from the Tribe game. It was a good one. Today's game was my Father's Day gift. It couldn't have been better. The good guys won 5-2. Fausto Carmona stymied the Braves through seven innings. It won't show up in the box score, but first Jason Michaels and then Grady Sizemore made great catches to rob Brian McCann and Jeff Francouer, respectively, of hits in the seventh. Then, Michaels made another diving catch in the eighth to rob Chippper Jones of a hit. Joe Borowski trotted out. Put two runners on and scratched out another save---his 20th.

The Tribe achieved a couple of milestones today. Casey Blake extended his major league leading hitting streak to 26 games, and today's save was Borowski's 100th. Franklin Gutierrez saw some action in RF. He had a hit, laid down a perfect bunt which turned into a hit, and stole his first base. I like that kid. He's loaded with tools. He just has to hit enough to stay around.

After the game, kids got to play catch with their dads on the field. As promotions go, that was a great idea. What wasn't so great is that alligator arms Dolan had to make a buck on it. He charged $15 per person, including for each kid, to get on the field. A few hundred people went out. Larry was it worth it to stick your fans for the extra 5 grand or so you pocketed?

Yeah. My question was really rhetorical. I know you think it was worth it. You were probably in the owner's box giggling that whiny little laugh of yours as you thought about the cartons of extra suppositories you can buy with that dough.

Larry's cheapness didn't really dampen my day, but I had to mention it.

Nice day. Nice game.

Happy Father's Day to our readers who admit it.


chocolate starfish said...

Vinny, I really do think that the Tribe charged simply to limit the number of people on the field (it sold out)... but, to your point, why not donate the $$$ to Indians' Charities or some other worthy cause? ... And what about that awesome Jessica Biel?

Joey Peeps said...

I gotta side with Vinny on this one. If regulating the number of people on the field is the issue, then why not simply issue some form of admission pass (wrist band?) which is free of charge? I'm no egalitarian, but one of baseball's big problems is that it's no longer a sport played by poor kids. Instead, at a youth level, baseball has become the province of better-off suburban kids whose parents can afford the $$$ for travel teams, skills camps (Learn to Hit with Super Joe!), and the like. A $30 (or more) fee to play catch with your kid(s) only exacerbates that trend, and along with MLB ticket prices, sends the message that poor kids need not apply.

chocolate starfish said...

... okay, got me ... I saw this trailer over the weekend for the new Adam Sandler movie, and Jessica Biel is in it and looks so smokin'... I almost made Mrs Starfish find the buttery bird in the Tub-O-Popcorn that I had in my lap ... Jessica is really hot. It's a shame about the poor kids --you are so right about that ....

paulie walnuts said...

F#$k the poor kids.

Does Biel get naked?

vern said...

one of the pleasures of the NBA finals was the away games...when people like me could crawl out of our trailers and score front row seats at the Q....for FREE. it was nice to see us low-lifers take over the Q and give our kids an equal opportunity to be titalated by those cavs girls and thoroughly entertained by the SCREAM TEAM..not to mention to actually feel the heat from the flame throwing scoreboard...we enjoyed the game - but to tell you the truth we all walked away from that game a little less envious of dem high rollers and a little more covetous of our fishin hole.