Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tribe signs top pick Beau Mills.

In an announcement that surprised no one, the Indians have finalized a deal with top pick, Beau Mills. To some, the alacrity with which the Tribe signed their guy had to have been stunning. After all, they'd just picked him last week.

That should have surprised no one who follows the Tribe.

That was what made Mills so attractive to the Indians. He'd spent the month before the draft telling every scout that he wouldn't be a hold out and that he'd sign quickly because he's ready to play ball. While those are admirable sentiments, I'm afraid that they were the real statistics that mattered to Larry Dolan and his son, Paul, the president.

Now, I 'm not dogging Mills. He's a legitimate first round pick. He's got some serious home run power, and he definitely knows the game. I'm just tired of safe first round picks in lieu of extreme upside talent. When a team picks thirteenth, it has to get the best talent out there. The Tribe didn't do that.

Sorry about the ambivalence. The Tribe got their guy. He could be good. But, they really passed on someone who could be great.

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