Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CAVS get a much needed break

The CAVS gutted it out last night and won 91-87 over the Pistons. LeBron had a very solid game popping in 25 points and forcing Detroit to focus a lot of attention on him wherever he was on the floor, but the real difference was last year's second-round pick, Daniel Gibson. In 35 minutes, he had 2 steals, dropped in 21 points, including a three-pointer, and was perfect from the foul line---a dozen times. As he did in game 3, Gibson hit a few jumpers early in the game, which forced Detroit to guard him around the perimeter. The result was that the paint was a little less congested, which allowed LeBron and Drew Gooden to work there. That's a big part of the reason that Gooden added 19 points to the cause.

The one big negative about the game was that Detroit really beat up the CAVS on the boards. In each of the two games at the Q, Detroit has beaten the CAVS on the offensive boards. That's going to be a disaster if it happens in Detroit. I don't see how the CAVS win any games on the Piston's home court if they don't out rebound them.

The series is now tied 2-2 and will resume in Detroit on Thursday. It's a big game. Actually, it's bigger than that. OK. I'll use a cliche': It's a " must win" game for Cleveland. I don't like the odds of a game 7 against the Pistons in the Palace.


Hornless Rhino said...


The funny thing is, the Cavs actually out-rebounded the Pistons in both losses in Detroit. They grabbed 49 boards in the first game, including 18 offensive rebounds, while Detroit grabbed only 41. In Game 2, they grabbed 39 boards to Detroit's 37. The Cavs had 11 offensive rebounds in Game 2.

Now, in the two wins in Cleveland, the Cavs have grabbed a grand total of nine offensive rebounds. Six of those came in Game 3, so last night, they managed to snag only three offensive rebounds.

chocolate starfish said...

Yeah BUT this gamed featured an unusually high number of long rebounds ... really long rebounds ... that fell Detroit's way. Z had a critical defensive rebound at the end of the game. Cavs won because Gibson opened up the floor, giving LeBron and the largely-uncontested Gooden room to work.

Vinny said...

I know about the rebounds in Detroit. That's the only reason the first two games were close even though LeBron's play was substandard (for him) and a few other guys were feeble.

Vinny said...

By the way, welcome back Starfish. It's been a while.

chocolate starfish said...

... if you featured more pictures of Jessica Alba's walkaway, like old times, you'd hear from me more often.

EDaws. said...

The troubling part of a victory is that it excuses a coach's big mistakes. I was hoping someone -- anyone -- would ask Mike Brown why Damon Jones was on the floor for one minute last night. This is not results-oriented thinking; I'd feel the same had Damon somehow hit three triples.

He's a black hole on defense, and it's possible he's worse offensively. His once-respected shot is completely a myth. Eric Snow is at least commendable in that he knows he can't shoot, rarely tries to, and plays dogged defense.

Did I miss a story about Snow being in Brown's doghouse?

Also, Brown simply has to be held accountable for failure to make adjustments. The numbers are sick:

-We have led all four games at the half, but have trailed in three of four going into the fourth quarter

-We're +5 in the 1st quarters combined

-We're +23(!) in the 2nd

-We're -29(!) in the 3rd

-We're +5 in the 4th.

It took many people until this series to realize that the 3rd quarters have been a problem, but look at the previous two series: it was a huge issue then as well. If we figure it out, we ought to win Thursday night.

I would agree that winning game seven on the road will never be easy, but it couldn't possibly be like the no-chance siutation we were in last year.