Thursday, May 31, 2007


Whatever else happens during the rest of the NBA playoffs, I will look back fondly on the San Antonio Spurs 109-84 shellacking of the Utah Jazz last night. It isn't that I'm a big Spurs fan, it's that like many of you, I've come to think of Carlos Boozer as Art Modell's bastard son, and so I've enjoyed Utah's playoff run almost as much as I enjoyed watching the Ravens win the Super Bowl.

On the other hand, all's well that ends well, because after being the big story for most of the playoffs, Boozer managed only nine points last night with the season on the line. That alone would've been enough to make it a nice evening, but what made it perfect was his decision to follow up his mediocre performance by blasting his teammates.


edaws said...

Boozer deserves every inch of derision he receives; I just can't believe that Gordon Gund would concoct a smear campaign after Boozer left.

That said, it was a pretty classic blunder to allow the possibility of deceipt in through the back door. Ethically, the blame lies at Boozer's feet. But in terms of competence, it lies elsewhere.

Hornless Rhino said...

Competence was not one of Jim Paxson's strengths during his tenure as Cleveland's GM.

Vinny said...

You have to admit, for most of the lifetimes of people less than 50 years old, all of the Cleveland's sports franchises have front office incompetence and poor management as legacies.