Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Mock Browns Draft --- Part I

Most mock drafts usually start off with identifying the various teams' needs and then project who they'll take. Here's my shot at it.

Needs: Everything.

Not really, but almost. The Browns need everything except Tight End, Punter and Safety. Anyone who thinks the Browns are set at any other position is simply wrong or utterly delusional. The latter is a condition that seems to affect sentimental Cleveland fans who believe the mediocrities who people the Browns' roster are good. I concede that a few positions have some solid players but every position other than the three I mentioned could easily be upgraded.

Their acute needs are offensive tackle, cover cornerback, quarterback, and defensive linemen who can disrupt the offense.

Right now, I think the Browns' draft will go something like this:

1. Brady Quinn. GM's can't resist getting a QB, who they envision will be the so-called face of the franchise for the next seven years. Savage, although a better talent evaluator than most, can't either. Unless JaMarcus Russell falls to third, I have a strong belief that Savage tabs Quinn as his guy. That's ok with me. I like Joe Thomas better, but the Browns don't have a championship or even a playoff caliber QB on the roster. They need one. They may as well pick Quinn. He could be pretty good.

2. Toss-up. If Savage gets his QB in Round One, I think he grabs one of the following: Justin Blalock (OG) (who I think would be a beast at guard and be almost a Steinbach clone), Ben Grubbs (OG) (he's the next best thing and immediately upgrades the line), or Marcus McCauley (CB). As a shutdown corner, McCauley could be the safest pick for Crennell. So, Crennell will lobby hard for him or Eric Wright (CB), if he's still available. Despite the acquisition of Steinbach, don't think the Browns don't need offensive linemen. They do. They could use at least two more good ones---at any line position. By the way, despite all the wishful thinking, everyone's darkhorse offensive tackle of the future, Joe Staley, will be long gone when the Browns pick in the second.

3. I think Savage goes for a project who could have a big upside like Ikaika Alama-Francis (DE), Jonathan Wade (CB) or maybe Michael Bush (RB). Ikaika Alama-Francis is an extremely raw but strong defensive lineman. With good coaching, he could be an animal. If he can't pick up the skills to go along with his power, he'll just be an extra guy who fills in on the line. Jonathan Wade started out as a wide receiver. He's fast. Really fast. But, his coverage skills...well, they suck. He gets faked out by quarterbacks too much. That's something that could be corrected with coaching and experience. And, did I mention that he's fast, really fast? Michael Bush may have the most interesting upside of any of the guys who should be around in the third round. He was a stud and potential Heisman candidate before he suffered a huge injury. He was fast and strong and ran with balance before the injury. His doctor claims he's in good shape and can play pro football. I think most GM's will be too scared to take him in the first or second rounds. If he's really healed, he could be the steal of the draft.

If Savage plays it safe and goes for pure value rather than projected value, watch for Daymeion Hughes (CB) or Josh Wilson (CB). Hughes is a good cover guy and can tackle. No one seems to like Wilson as much as I do, but he's fast and can cover fast receivers.
If he takes a CB earlier, he can get another offensive lineman, but I think Josh Beekman (OG) is a bit of a stretch.


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.

mickey said...

Pretty interesting thoughts. I like your second and third round suggestions. I'd take Peterson in the first.

mi ckey said...

Are you going to analyze the later rounds?

Hornless Rhino said...


I read Terry Pluto's column this morning. I think he may be the guy who called you an idiot.

But the merits of the pick aside, I think that you're probably right. The Browns will take Quinn if he's available

Vinny said...

Maybe, then again, it could just be a family member.

MikeG said...

I agree with what you said, however, I went into greater detail on my blog about the browns needs:

Vinny said...


I read it and thought you analysis was pretty good. My only strong point of disagreement with yours is that I don't believe the linebacking corp is as strong as you do. I think it's solid and not a huge draft concern, but it can easily be upgraded. Wimbley is the only player from that group who appears to be a game changer. They need another.

Ben said...

Nice ideas, but I'm still holding out for Thomas. Look how easy it is to rationalize picking a non-lineman if someone falls. And someone always falls.

The Browns need to end the first day of the draft with at least one offensive lineman. Taking Joe Thomas at 3 makes it easy

T-Bagg said...

I would go AP, Blalock or Sears in round 2 and daymeion hughes round 3. Then stockpile DL and OL the rest of the draft. Simple as that.