Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Myra Fleener is a Bunny Boiler

Hoosiers is one of my favorite sports movies, and I must have seen it 30 times. But the last couple of times I've watched it, I've become increasingly convinced that pretty little spinster Myra Fleener, Coach Dale's girlfriend, is a total psycho.

Think about it. When Coach Dale first arrives, the lady quickly becomes so obsessive in her hatred and suspicion of him that she drives to a library in Deerlick or Dogsnot or wherever to dig up 20 year old dirt on the poor bastard. Then, when she's about to stick a shiv into him at the town meeting, she has some sort of a breakdown and spends the rest of the movie becoming increasingly infatuated with him.

This is not the basis for a healthy relationship. Especially when you consider that what ultimately sends her into a swoon over the guy is Coach Dale's reluctant decision not to send Everett Flatch back into a game after he rips out the stitches from a gaping wound in his back. Good call coach, but if that's all the humanity that it takes to melt Myra's heart, she must have spent her formative years in a Turkish prison.

With all this as background, you just know that in Hoosiers II, the coach would end up dumping her and she'd end up cooking his pet rabbit. Myra Fleener's a bunny boiler if I ever saw one.

Oh yeah, my guess is that in Hoosiers II, Jimmy Chitwood would turn out to be about as well adjusted as Jimmy Piersall, but that's a tale for another day.


Vinny said...

All that is true, but why then do they put poor Shooter in the nut house?

bony maroni said...

what's a hoosier?

Rich said...

Best blog entry title of the year so far.

Welcome back Rhino ...