Tuesday, October 10, 2006


There was an interesting article in last Friday's Washington Post (via Sportsfilter) about the high school game a few weeks back in which that kid from West Virginia rushed for 678 yards. Apparently, the kid had 300 yards rushing and four touchdowns in the first half of the blowout.

Leading 35 to 0 at halftime, he pretty much figured that his night was over. Instead, his coach went to a no huddle offense in an effort to get him the record. Not only that, but the team refused to return punts in order to set the kid up for longer runs. The final score ended up 64-0.

The coach still doesn't seem to understand why everyone is so upset about this, or even why the opposing team refused to shake hands with his team when the game ended. Let me enlighten him--it's about respecting the game and respecting the opponent.

The coach thought it would be "fun" for an undersized back from a small school to set a record. You know what I think would be fun? Having his school celebrate this great accomplishment by being made a part of the Ohio v. USA high school football event next season. I'm sure that St. X, Glenville, St. Ignatius, Moeller, St. Edward, Colerain or Massillon would be delighted to play Mighty Matewan (which appears to have 29 players on its roster) on its own terms.

No huddle and no mercy, right coach? Game on.


Dwayne_Rudds_Helmet said...

I read that article, too.

The losing team did the right thing in refusing to shake hands. You shake hands to acknowledge good sportsmanship. Shaking hands after that game would've been hypocritical.

Big P said...

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Hornless Rhino said...

Chocolate Starfish,

A third rate Artie Lange impersonation with a grammatical error in the first sentence? This is not your best effort.

Coach Yogi Kinder said...

Hey, has anybody seen Larry or Curly? ... cuz I SURE FOUND A MO!