Monday, October 09, 2006

Blue Jackets Links

The Blue Jackets whomped the snot out of the Phoenix Coyotes tonight, 5 to 1. I outed myself as a reluctant Jackets fan last season, and now I'm adding some Blue Jackets links, because it's my blog and I like hockey. So there. In addition to the official site, I'm linking to two Blue Jackets blogs, Army of the Ohio and End of the Bench. Both are worth reading if you're interested in the Jackets or the NHL.


Anonymous said...

shameless plug for my site: blogjackets. been around for a coup-le of years and offers game recaps and occasional commentary. If you want a link exchange, just email me from the blog. thx.

ps nice words re buck o' interest of the game power from selig should place Buck in the hall, albeit posthumously.

Hornless Rhino said...


Sorry I didn't find your site on my own. I've added a link to you.