Thursday, September 07, 2006

Party On, Joe!

Detroit Lions assistant coach Joe Cullen found out how true the slogan on this t-shirt is over the course of the past two weeks, when managed to get himself arrested for drunk driving and for driving around without any clothes on. I'm guessing alcohol may have been involved in the nude driving incident as well.

Following his second arrest in two weeks, Cullen apparently has decided to get some counseling. That's probably a good idea.

This just in: Tequila has denied responsibility for the incident.

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chocolate starfish said...

Dear V&HR:
Although certainly professional athletes have a storied traditional of celebrating career milestones, is it ever appropriate for an NFL player like Joey Porter of the Steelers to kiss his head coach - here, Bill Cowher - on the neck after his first career runback for a TD after an interception? Curious in Cleveland ....