Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Indians are a Bad Baseball Team

The bullpen blows harder than Hurricane Katrina, they can't run the bases or play defense, and they constantly figure out ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Still, even taking all of that into account, I think the worst part is that their recent performance has been a constant reminder of how nice it would be to have Bob Howry and Brandon Phillips on the roster.

Now it looks like they can't even keep a lid on clubhouse conflicts. You know what? At this point, if Wickman and Byrd want a piece of each other, I say let 'em go at it. Hell, the Tribe ought to sell tickets--their fight can't help but be more entertaining than the crap the team puts on the field every day.


thatchick said...

My God. The post title was just so blunt, it made me laugh, & once again choke on my coffee. Nice. But send a heads up anytime there's a chance of me choking on anything, 'k? TY!

Ben said...

They tried their damnedest to lose tonight. Finally, they have a chance to blow out a team on national tv and they almost implode. At this point we can't trust anyone in the bullpen. Awesome.

chocolate starfish said...

In the Wickman vs. Byrd PPV Smackdown ($39.95), I'll put my money on Hambone Bobby ... if you put him in a cape, manitard, and hood he'd be the spitting image of Nacho Libre ... which is kinda cool as I'm thinking that Wicky likes his nachos ... and Byrd deserves his journeyman asskicking, heavy on the jalopenas. Shutthefuckup until you prove half as valuable as our Hambone, you dick.