Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tribe lost a tough one.

The Tribe lost tonight 6-5 in extra innings. I could pick at things Wedge did or didn't do, or point out some stupid shit, like Michaels getting doubled off first base on a flyball to centerfield, but those are really minor points. When the Wahoos went down in the 9th without scoring a run, I had a sense of certainty that the game was over, even though the game was tied and the Twinks hadn't made much noise with the sticks for a few innings. The interesting thing was that I didn't have a sense of impending doom that the Twins would suddenly put something together in their half of the 9th. Instead, I just became resigned that this team and this manager would not win a one-run ballgame in extra innings.

I think that's the shame of it all. Last year, the White Sox won the division because they won one-run games. On the other hand, the Indians lost the division and the wild card because they couldn't win one-run games. In fact, they sucked in one-run games. This year, they really haven't been any better.

On paper, this isn't a .500 club. They're scoring 6 runs a game. There have been World Series champs who didn't do that. But, those have to be the softest 6 runs anyone has ever scored anywhere. They sure don't add up to wins.

The good news is that STO showed Wedge blinking 41 times. That's more than usual, but it was extra innings.

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Hornless Rhino said...

The sixth inning drove me crazy. The Indians battle back and give Lee a lead, and he immediately gives up a double to Mourneau and a single to White.

Meanwhile, Cabrera comes in to bail Lee out, pitches two solid innings and gets the hard luck blown save of the year.

I think Blinky has Tourette's Syndrome.