Monday, May 15, 2006

That Didn't Happen

I'm a reasonable man, so I know that what I just saw simply could not have happened.

There's just no way that the Cavs could beat the Pistons with LeBron going 2-12 from the field during the second half and looking like Shaq (or even Wilt) on a bad night from the line.

There's no way that Flip Saunders would let Mike Brown dictate the last two minutes of the game to the Pistons by using a small lineup that put Rasheed Wallace on the bench (okay, the ankle was a factor too).

There's no way that in a scramble under the Pistons' basket with less than 10 seconds left and bodies flying into each other everywhere, it's the conference champs who don't get the call.

Most of all, there's no way that the Pistons come out on the losing end of a game where the winning team scores 74 points.

None of those things could have happened, but they sure as hell did. So now they're all tied up goin' back to Motown, and the monkey's on the Pistons' back.

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