Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Please fire Jeff Datz!

My head is going to explode. The Tribe can't win against the powerhouse Royals, and Jeff Datz, the Tribe's third base coach, proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he's an imbecile. With no outs, he just tried to have Sizemore tag and score on a flyball to deep short. To borrow a phrase from our friend, thatchick, "Dude, WTF."

This is getting stupid.

Thankfully, Victor just bailed him out with a two-out single to score two. Maybe they'll win in spite of their manager and coaches.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.


Hornless Rhino said...

Did you ever think it was possible that the Tribe could find a base coach who would make you miss Johnny Goryl and Davey Nelson?

thatchick said...

Wasn't that the stupidest, and I mean stupidest move ever? Grady Baby's quick, but he doesn't have a rocket up his ass. I've never even seen that kinda crap in my old softball league.

warclub said...

Wedge should replace Datz with Skinner right away. With no one out, it is in idiotic move to send Sizemore.