Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where is Everybody?

I was at the Indians game last night. Cliff Lee did a real nice job against one of the most fearsome lineups in AL, and gave the Tribe a solid six inning outing. About the only time Lee gave anyone cause for concern was the third inning, when he faced David Ortiz with the bases loaded. But he managed to strike Ortiz out, and it was pretty much smooth sailing after that.

For once, the bullpen also came through, with Jason Davis pitching another two good innings and Wickman not even bothering to make things interesting in the 9th. It was a win they definitely needed.

I've got only one question about last night: where were the fans? Less than 22,000 people showed up for a game against the Red Sox, and a lot of them were Boston fans. I mean, what more do you want? It's a nationally televised game, it's a beautiful spring night, Paul Byrd isn't pitching and they're giving shit away (a really crappy umbrella). So why not go to the game?

Cleveland fans love to pound their chests and tell everyone how great they are, but we're really nothing special when it comes to baseball. Sure, the Indians sold out 455 games in a row, but it took a new ballpark, the Browns leaving and several seasons of some of the most explosive offense that baseball's ever seen to do that. I'm just not that impressed.

On the other hand, maybe it's all the Indians deserve. Mark Shapiro's done a great job with the tools he's been given (although Bobby Howry looks pretty cheap right about now), but the club hasn't shown fans that it will spend the kind of money it takes to be something more than a potential contender. Yes, the Indians will lock up talented young players to avoid arbitration, but I don't think fans believe that the Dolan regime ever will put its wallet where its mouth is when it comes to the free agent market.

I don't want the Indians to contend; I want them to win the damn World Series. I think the Tribe's management is willing to settle for contending, and my guess is that 20,000 empty seats think so too.


Vinny said...

I was boned. I gave away two tickets to a guy who works with me and who wanted to take his wife to the game.
Now, I've got no stinkin' umbrella.

That's just another example of someone taking advantage of my gentle nature.

Joey Peeps said...

Maybe they're all at the Spiderman shoot. I'm not a big movie goer, and probably wouldn't have gone to see Spiderman III anyways, but the way this film shoot has screwed up my daily commute into Downtown assures that I'll not see it.

Uncle June said...

Joey, go shit in your hat.

Joey Peeps said...

Uncle June: Don't shoot me, crazy old man.

Uncle June said...

Joey, I've got no time for that sort of thing. I've got Angie Dickinson on my mind. I've never gotten over that little piece of cuz.

thatchick said...

I drink way too much anymore to go up there. They're havin' that $1 dog night this weekend...when they have a $1, heck, even a $2 beer night, I'll be all over it. Until then, the bar, or my living room is my Jake.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

After Ten-Cent Beer Night back in 1974, I seriously doubt there will ever be any discounted beer nights in Cleveland. :(