Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tough Loss

Well, I guess we can't expect LeBron to leap tall buildings in a single bound every night. Still, that was a tough game to watch the Cavs let slip away.

LeBron's the franchise, so his performance is obviously a big part of tonight's story, but let's not forget the total lack of productivity from the Cavs bench. After accounting for 32 points and 17 boards in Game 1, Cleveland's bench could only manage an anemic five points and six rebounds tonight.

The other stats that jump out at you are turnovers and three point shooting. Cleveland had 18 turnovers, while Washington had 12. The Wizards were eight for 20 from behind the arc, while the Cavs could made only three of the 12 threes they tried.

Oh well, buck up guys. Sign your paychecks over to Drew Gooden, and move on to Game 3.

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