Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The Rhino wondered what the others are saying. I say Wedge'd better wake up.

I don't know if the Tribe will win tonight, but they've already pissed away a huge lead against the O's. Wedge had Matt Miller warming up in the pen, but watched Westbrook get pounded. Miller eats right-handed hitters alive. But Wedge just sat there blinking and looking around (in all fairness, Wedge doesn't blink as often as Hargrove always did, but it's still damn annoying).

Someone must have nudged Wedge awake because he finally put Miller in to face a couple of guys, including Corey Patterson. Patterson is a bum and has been a huge disappointment thus far in his career, after being highly touted as a future star. Unfortunately, he hits from the left side. That's a problem because left handed hitters, even bums, hit Miller pretty hard to the tune of around an OPS of .745. Wedge knows that. He should.

Yeah. You guessed it. Patterson homered. The Tribe probably loses tonight because Wedge mismanaged his pen. How in the hell do you let a team score 7 runs against you in one inning?

Maybe Wedge was saving his relievers for...uh, uh, uh, I don't know.

I know he's a new father. Maybe he's not getting any sleep and he was dozing instead of paying closer attention to his pitcher who was getting beaten around like a trailer park wife.

All I can say is Little Ava your daddy blew this one. I've got to go back and watch some more.

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