Saturday, April 29, 2006

Draft Update: Time for the Excedrin

Judas Friggin' Priest! They just took another wide receiver with a day one pick. This year, the five yard hook route on third down and six will be run by Oklahoma's Travis Wilson. I simply can't believe the Browns just took yet another wide f-ing receiver! When the hell is this annual madness going to end?

Anyway, putting this particular spike in my blood pressure aside for a moment, I've got to agree with Vinny's take on Savage. He's one self-assured dude. Not only did Savage hand Ngata to the Ravens, but he passed on a chance to get one of the highly rated QBs (Cutler) when he could have fairly easily outbid Denver for the 11th pick. I heard some of the draftniks jumping up and down over that decision as well.

Ngata and Wimbley will forever be linked in the minds of Browns fans. In Cleveland, we know how these "Let's Make a Deal" stories traditionally end. The guy who chooses door number 2 gets Richard Seymour. We opt for the box behind the lovely Carol Merrill, and generally end up with the canned squid, err..., I mean Gerard Warren. Maybe this one will turn out differently, but there's a lot of draft day history that says otherwise.

They aren't big on size this year, are they? I'm not as down on Kamerion Wimbley as Vinny is--in fact, I preferred him to Ngata because of his athleticism. But he is definitely undersized. The second pick, D'Qwell Jackson, is a terrific college football player, but he is also extremely small for a ILB in today's NFL.

I still can't believe they picked another wide receiver.

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Vinny said...

I'm stunned.

I can understand wanting another receiver, but Phil Savage is either supplanting Nostradamus or he just shit the bed.

This guy will not be a serious NFL receiver. He's got good hands but is too slow.