Saturday, February 09, 2008

Stand by your man.

This is just getting better and better.

Clemens spent the other day walking around the Congressional offices yukkin' it up with and autographing balls for our elected representatives---you know, the same guys who are going to decide in a week if Clemens committed perjury.

Meanwhile, his old pal and erstwhile physician, trainer and chief sycophant, dropped a couple of beautiful nuggets on Clemens. As the Rhino pointed out, in a move reminiscent of Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp, McNamee rolled out some used syringes, gauze and a beer can that his mouthpieces claim will prove his claims.

But, the real bon mot was when McNamee testified that, at Roger's insistence, he also injected Debbie Clemens (that's Mrs. Rocket) with HGH to help her prepare for a swimsuit photo shoot. That's nice. That's really nice.

I suspect Koby's shittin' his pants right about now.

Stay tuned.

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