Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cavs Blockbuster?

The Cleveland sports blogosphere is abuzz this morning with Cavs' trade rumors. That's because at halftime of last night's game against the Pacers, Brian Windhorst dropped this little bombshell in his blog:

"Folks, I have not watched a second of the first half as I pursue some hot trade rumors with the Cavs. They are being very active and are in talks over a blockbuster that has not been reported yet. It does not involve Mike Miller. More to come later."

Windhorst later added that this was a trade that would "change the dynamic somewhat" of how the Cavs play, but would "not directly affect the way LeBron plays." He also said that the Cavs were trying to get a first round pick to go with the deal, and that this was the potential hold up with it.

With that to go on, the Internet lit up like a Christmas tree. When he first heard of the rumor, our first stop for Cavs news, Ben Cox, thought the Cavs were once again after Michael Redd, or perhaps Vince Carter or Ron Artest. After Windhorst updated his report, Ben changed his guess to "God damn it," who must be a D-League player or something, because I couldn't find him on any NBA roster.

Windhorst added to the intrigue with an appearance on WKNR, where he reportedly said that the blockbuster is a one-for-one deal, and did not involve a player who previously had been linked to the Cavs in trade speculation.

The guys over at the Cavalier Attitude blog appear to have settled on Z as the Cavalier most likely to be involved in this deal. While noting the possibility of a deal with the Nets for Vince Carter, they think that if Z is in the mix, the deal would most likely involve a Western Conference team. That raises a number of intriguing possibilities, which you can read about on the Cavalier Attitude site.

One poster over at Cavalier Attitude suggested that "a league source" (uh-huh) told him that the trade involves Josh Howard for Z. I find that one hard to believe, but it is true that the Mavs are in the market for a center. The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Dallas is looking for another big man in an effort to keep pace with the rest of the elite teams in the West, several of which have added size to their rosters in the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, all this speculation guarantees that productivity levels in corporate Cleveland will reach all time lows today, as fans spend most of the time refreshing their browsers to see if Danny Ferry is finally able to pull the trigger on a blockbuster. We'll know by 3:00 p.m.

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