Monday, January 21, 2008

Teflon Brett Strikes Again

It's amazing. Despite what everyone saw in last night's NFC Championship Game, this morning, it appears that only a handful of sportswriters had the stones to call out Brett Favre for his typically brainless playoff game performance.

Favre has an uncanny knack for showing up in playoff games and playing like your little brother who is losing to you by three touchdowns in Madden '08. He forces throws, he makes terrible decisions, and he generally loses his shi --err, I mean his composure (if he was playing a video game, he'd undoubtedly throw his controller at the TV). In the end, he makes a play so ugly that a Pop Warner QB would be benched for it, and nobody calls him on it. Instead, we get poignant camera shots of the great man slumping off toward the locker room with his shoulders hunched. These usually alternate with images of his teary-eyed wife. Awww.

I swear, the whole country has a massive man crush on the guy.

Well, if Vinny and I are among the last heterosexuals in America when it comes to Brett Favre, so be it. We've been telling you guys for years that Favre is an overrated player, and he proved that again yesterday. When it came to crunch time, the New York Giants tried everything in their power not to win the NFC Championship, while Brett did all he could to make damn sure that they went home with it.

The interception that he threw in overtime last night ranks with the worst ever. However, as a testimony to his own greatness, it isn't even his own personal best. That honor belongs to the lame duck heave that Teflon Brett tossed up for grabs four years ago against the Eagles. Remember that one?

And yet, does he get raked over the coals for his performance? Of course not. Instead, even the New York media hosts a pity party for the guy. Unbelievable.

Thank goodness for the Internet, one of the few places aside from Philadelphia where the Emperor definitely has no clothes.

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