Monday, November 19, 2007

A Win's a Win, But...

While everybody is still jazzed up about the wild ending to yesterday's game, I think Kellen Winslow's reaction to yesterday's game is probably the most appropriate one. K2 was reportedly a little down in the locker room, and was quoted as saying "We've got to play better. We didn't play well in the second half. We've got to play better, man."

All's well that ends well, but for the second week in a row, the Browns blew a big lead to a division opponent on the road. It's somewhat understandable if the opponent in question is the Pittsburgh Steelers, but to blow a 27-14 lead at the beginning of the 4th quarter to the likes of Kyle Boller and the anemic Baltimore Ravens offense is pretty disturbing.

The Browns are starting to have fans thinking about playoff possibilities. They've certainly got a golden opportunity to make a playoff run, but if they continue to take their foot off the gas pedal and try to sit on a lead, they aren't going anywhere. They simply don't have the defensive firepower to play that way and win consistently.

As far as I'm concerned, the Brown simply must make the playoffs this season, if for no other reason than to avoid having CBS's 5th or 6th team announcers assigned to most of their games. Otherwise, we'll be stuck with the likes of Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker or Ian Eagle and Solomon Wilcots calling Browns games for the foreseeable future.

Wilcots, who has very nearly perfected the "frequently wrong but never in doubt" approach to broadcasting, was particularly grating yesterday. He spent a good deal of the first half wondering out loud whether the Browns believed that they were good enough to beat the Ravens, apparently oblivious to the fact that they'd already done so once this season. Then he somehow convinced himself that the Browns got a bit of a break when the replay system broke down on Baltimore's challenge to Carter's reception in the second quarter -- even though the replay that CBS broadcast plainly showed that Carter had both feet in bounds.

But the highlight of Wilcots' performance came with Dawson's field goal at the end of regulation. He and his partner were absolutely clueless about what was happening on the field. I can't blame him for that, since it was one of the most bizarre events I've ever witnessed. Still, you'd think that if he didn't know what was going on, he'd at least shut up until things were sorted out. Unfortunately, he chose not to do that. Instead, he kept babbling about how although the ball passed through the uprights, it bounced back in front of the goal post, as if that somehow mattered.

There are lots of reasons why it would be great to see the Browns make the playoffs this season, but I think that an opportunity to move up the TV commentator food chain definitely belongs on the list.


Anonymous said...

completely agree. great story to the game, but overlooked is the fact that the browns blew several opportunities early in the game to capitalize on turnovers and put Baltimore away quickly.

and please, romeo, let's have the discipline to address the horrific accumulation of penalties week-in, week-out.

that said, browns teams of the past would have crumbled under after going down 3 points with only 16 seconds remaining. the fact that dawson even had the opportunity to kick was something that wouldn't have seemed possible to me before this season.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to commend you Browns supporters on yet another Kardiac-type win that this season has blessed your team with. Don't get me wrong: as a displaced Yinzer and diehard Steelers fan (albeit one who has to use "anonymous" because I'm too stupid to figure out how to post my name in here), I still "hate" the Browns because it's a rivalry and that's what rivals feel. But I also hated the thievery of the old Browns to Baltimore and the following dismal times for a sister city that's much alike in temperament and style of football--no fans should have to endure what yours have.

I'm nervous because the SOBs (Same Old Browns) apparently aren't. (OK, so you've played doormats most of the year and eked out wins; they're still wins)...but the SOS (Same Old Steelers) can and do choke vs mediocrity. The way the season's going -- and with remaining schedules quite similar -- it might be a heated end of the season.

Who would've thought that Cleveland and Pgh would be the division top-dogs, with the Ravens and Cincy sucking mud? Certainly not the pundits (or the fans, in the beginning). How sweet it is!

Anyway, you have some work to do on your team, but so do we. If there's a third match-up at the end of the year, you might have Phil Simms and Jim Nance commentating the game, like we have. Woo-hoo; hold me back.

Mark in KY, aka,
Too Stupid to Post His Name

Crustodio said...

There are so many reasons to smile every time the Browns eek out a win. One of the best, though, is that every time we put a "W" up, the Cowboys 1st round pick (for Brady) drops another notch.

That's just beautiful. And if it sends Solomon Wilcox away, all the better.

And big Kudos to Steeler fan above. Simply reinforces the best kind of rivalry. Let's hope we get a third chance.