Saturday, October 06, 2007

Up 2-0 over the Evil Empire

"O God, thy arm was here;
And not to us, but to thy arm alone, ascribe we all!
When, without stratagem,
But in plain shock and even play of battle,
Was ever known so great and little loss
On one part and on the other?
Take it, God,
For it is none but thine!"

~~~Henry V, William Shakespeare

Like the Rhino, I have no explanation for the invasion of the midges, but I'm glad it happened. Joba Chamberlain was the most dominant set-up man in baseball this season. Period. The Tribe and the midges stole the game from him.

I was there again. It was a great game. Television couldn't have captured the joy and anxiety of every single pitch. Five hours after it began, the game left me exhausted but happy.

Again, I saw a few celebrities. The Professor was there, and I spent some time talking to him. He and I suspected that the national media was deifying Wedge for his use of small ball. In this case, the praise was deserved. Hats off to Wedge. It kept the pressure on NY all night.

I also literally almost bumped into a few of the Yankee wives and paramours. Naturally, they were tall, almost impossibly large-chested, small-waisted, well dressed, loaded with jewelry and smokin' hot. Some Tribe employee was ushering them past the maddening crowd as the game ended. I initially thought about engaging in a little frottage with a few of them---a sort of nasty welcome to Cleveland, but was too tired to put up with the all but certain beating by the cops and attendant hysteria. So, I just smiled, glanced down one's ample cleavage and moved along.

Ahh. The beauty of being up 2--0.

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Joey Peeps said...

Vinny -- Best post in the history of the blog.