Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Ghost

I watched the Taylor v. Pavlik fight again last night. After seeing the shots in super slow motion, I'm even more amazed that Pavlik survived the second round, let alone that he won the fight. Taylor just pounded him for a couple of minutes. Even after the round ended, Pavlik walked into the ropes, missing his corner by a good ten feet.

That kid really has guts.

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T-Man said...

Pavlik showed amazing courage to make it through that round. He had to survive over a minute of additional pummeling after hitting the canvas. And Taylor proved all his detractors correct: that he is an physically talented fighter with no brains, no ring savvy and above all no heart.

Taylor wants the rematch at a higher weight class. I am not sure that is a good idea for Mr. Taylor. Viva Los Fantasma!