Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Is Ray Chapman Behind This?

Check this out. Is that spooky or what? I was a reasonable man until the bugs showed up, but I've got to admit, I'm starting to wonder.

Look, I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed by the Cleveland Fan's Paul Cousineau -- the Tribe's a damn fine baseball team, and they were flat out better than the Yankees. On the other hand, I watched the better team lose the 1997 World Series, and also saw the two best Cleveland Indians teams of my lifetime get blown out of the water in the first round in 1996, and not even make the playoffs in 2000.

It may be nuts to think that the Indians 2007 performance is attributable to something that's more likely to be a topic for the Art Bell show than for Baseball Tonight, but it makes as much sense as any of the other explanations I've heard for the last 59 years of baseball futility.

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