Monday, September 17, 2007

Come From Behind Win!

The Tribe started their half of the eighth down 5-2. By the time the dust cleared in the eleventh, the Tribe posted a tough and very important 6-5 win over the Tigers. Jhonny Peralta banged a couple of homers along the way, and Casey Blake ended it with a shot over the left field wall.

The hitters get all the credit, but tip your hats to the relievers. They battled to keep the Tigers in check until the bats could get going.

This was a really good night. Just when the Tigers started creeping back in to the playoff picture, the Tribe came up big and smacked 'em down.

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epdaws said...

I will admit that in my head, this game was over. I was preparing for the grim possibility of seeing our lead shrink to 3.5 games -- with Verlander looming Tuesday.

This team is winning games it has no business winning, and that is one of the hallmarks of champions. We're going to have our shot in the postseason, and that is so much fun to say.

One question: I no longer live in Cleveland, but I can't imagine prices have soared past affordability for most fans. I was pretty depressed with a 28k attendance figure. What gives?