Monday, July 16, 2007


...didn't Wedge pinch hit Shoppach for Barfield in the 9th? Barfield was 0-3 this season against Jenks, and Shoppach's never faced him. Rouse was available as a defensive substitution. Barfield was 0-4 going in to the at-bat vs. Jenks, while Shoppach is hitting .328 against right handers and has an OBP of .388. He's also hitting .359 with men on, and .400 with men on and two outs (check it out here). In contrast, Barfield's hitting .245 with men on, and .286 with men on and two outs.

If you go into that at-bat assuming Gutierrez gets to second base, Shoppach's hitting .444 with two outs and runners in scoring position. Barfield's no slouch either in these situations, but his batting average with two outs and runners in scoring position (.368) is still almost 80 points lower than Shoppach's. What's more, Shoppach is two for two as a pinch hitter with a game winning dinger against Oakland.

Barfield hasn't been swinging the bat very well lately, and with him coming into that at bat 0-4 on the night, why not opt for Shoppach?

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Vinny said...

Good point Rhino, but maybe Wedge was still in shock after watching Cabrera let runners twirl around the bases in his one-third of the sixth inning.

I know Cabrera is out of options, but the guy just stinks this season.