Saturday, July 07, 2007

So, the prez, in his infinite wisdom, commuted the sentence of Uncle Dick's pal, Scooter Libby. Is that news?

Is there a person alive who reads the news occassionally who ever doubted that Libby would get pardoned or that his sentence would be commuted? I can't believe there is.

I know that a lot of media people and politicians are expressing surprise or outrage at it, but that's what they're paid to do, including the members of Congress. Scooter fell on his sword to protect Uncle Dick and his other operatives, and this is the quid pro quo. It's as simple as that.

This post isn't meant to support Libby. He was guilty as hell, and others have gotten a lot of time for the same or similar actions---just ask Martha Stewart. I just know that in Youngstown, Ohio and apparently, in Washington D.C., nobody likes a rat. Scooter knew that. So, he dissembled. He feigned ignorance. He lied. But, mostly importantly for the neo-conservative cabal, he kept his mouth shut. As a result, the boys took care of him.

I'm tired of hearing people talk about the "implications" of the action, and a few hill-billy defense lawyers suggesting that the federal courts will be inundated with a flood of Libby motions seeking relief for a bunch of murders, thieves, perjurors, and obstructers of justice. So what?

Then, federal judges will deny a bunch of the so-called "Libby motions." Big deal.

The good news is that apparently 54% of the American people think Uncle Dick should be impeached. That really cracks me up because, even though he will, in characteristic fashion, tell whichever toady pads in to give him the morning's dose of bootspittle to fuck off, in the deep part of his gnarled and darkened soul, he'll be pissed off that what he believes is a bunch of morons (aka lots of Americans) dare think they could pass judgment on him.

The other bit of good news is that I love when the prez es-plains legal issues like his decision to commute Scooter. If I knew when he was going to do it each day, I'd set my TV to record him. For comedic purposes, this guy's a friggin' gem.

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