Monday, July 02, 2007

Are you kidding me?

I just read that LeCharles Bentley said he was going to be in training camp and will play this season. That's stunning. Everything I've heard about his status has been pretty dire.

There has to be something else going on here like a need for him to show up to get some sort of roster bonus. Good news like this apparently is doesn't generally come out of Berea.


Hornless Rhino said...

I'm pleasantly surprised as well. I know that he was debating not having another surgery, but I never really thought that meant he might actually show up at training camp this year.

Erik said...

Don't count your O-linemen before they've come off the PUP list.

Bentley is "aiming" to be in training camp. That might be "aiming" as in "when, not if," or it might be aiming in the sense that I "aim" at the pin on a tee shot ... which is to say with blatantly unrealistic hope and optimism.

Bentley might be a case study in "Dreams die hard." But if he thinks he can come back, go for it. The worst thing would be to go the rest of your life and wonder "What if?"

I still think having Bentley back in any meaninful fashion is highly unlikely. You're talking about a guy that was apparently closer to having his leg amputated (or even death) than any of us realized.

If he can suit up and contribute anything at all on the field, it's going to be one of the greatest comebacks from injury/illness in American sports history.

Erik said...

Somewhere below Lance Armstrong, though.

hot dog said...

in honor of the fourth of july, how about some hornless commentary on what is fast becoming an ESPN validated spectator sport: