Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tribe Game 53---Don't look but they pulled one out they should have lost.

Wow! The city of Detroit must be reeling. I guess I know that a few residents there are because a buddy of mine from up north emailed me and compared LeBron's rampage on Thursday night to a fisting for the Pistons. If you don't know what that is, you shouldn't ask your mom.

Anyway, they've got to be really pissed after how the Injuns came back in the ninth last night. Down 4, things didn't look good when Grady grounded out. But things started looking up when Blake singled and Hafner walked. Victor Martinez has been one of the hottest hitters in the bigs, and last night, he wasn't going to go softly into the night. He banged his second homer of the day to leave the Tribe with a one-run deficit. That guy's bat is just smokin' hot right now.

Jhonny followed the bomb with a big double, putting the tying run at second. Garko K'ed. So, the tying run was at second with two out, and Trot Nixon at the plate. What would you have done? Nixon represented the winning run and conventional wisdom is that you don't put it on base late in the game. Jim Leyland, who might be the best manager in MLB right now, had his closer, Todd Jones, intentionally walk Nixon to get to Barfield. Maybe he looked at Barfield's low average and struggles with the Tribe, but Barfield was 6 for his last 21. That's a very nice .285 average.

Barfield came through with a clean single to right. Then David Dellucci lined another single into center. The rest of the guys mobbed him. Game over. TRIBE WINS! TRIBE WINS! TRIBE WINS!

How do you like those apples?

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