Monday, June 11, 2007

It was bad.

The CAVS were brutalized last night. It seems no one knows how to cover Tony Parker. It's not bad enough that a skinny Frenchman scores one of the hottest babes on TV, but when he shreds the hometown team, that's simply too much. (Okay---One more time). Once again, the bad only got worse when the third quarter rolled around. I guess, at halftime, the other teams go to their locker rooms and get a plan on X's and O's or maybe they get a Knute Rockne or John Wooden speech. I don't know, but I do know the CAVS certainly don't respond. Maybe they play Sudoku. It's been a season-long CAVS tradition that they tend to receive a vicious spanking in the third quarter and spend the fourth scrambling to make up for it. Last night was no different. The CAVS spent the fourth quarter climbing out of an insurmountable ditch. It only looked like they were moderately successful because the Spurs were bored and knew they could put away the CAVS on a whim, and did. The only one who had a worse finish last night was Phil Leotardo.

That means after days of the locals predicting that the CAVS would win in 5, they've had to re-adjust their thinking. Now, people are simply hoping that the thing goes five.
Here's my take: they can't win a thing if they can't stop Parker.

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