Tuesday, May 08, 2007

By the Numbers

"A team that shoots 52% overall and 57% from three point range is going to beat a team that shoots less than 45% overall and 26% from beyond the arc every time, right?"

I've got a feeling that those are the kind of conversations the New Jersey Nets are having in their locker room right about now. Boy, did the Nets ever blow a golden opportunity tonight, just like they did on Sunday. About the only way the Nets could possibly have lost tonight's game is by doing what they did--grabbing a grand total of three offensive rebounds. The Cavs dominated the offensive glass in Game 1, where they outrebounded the Nets 20 to 9, but that's nothing compared to what happened tonight. Let's face it, grabbing 19 offensive boards to only three for your opponent in a playoff game is just ridiculous.

Read the box score and weep, if you're a Nets fan. Thank your lucky stars if you root for the Cavs.

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