Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Browns Free Agents

If you're looking for information on the Browns free agent signings, check out The Orange and Brown Report, which has done a great job of tracking them down. Here's a link to their free agent list.

The Browns refusal to announce any of these signings on their own site is puzzling. The Orange and Brown Report says that's because the team doesn't announce any free agent signings until after they've passed the club's physical. Hey guys, it's the information age. You've got thousands of obsessive compulsive Browns fans like Vinny and me with Internet access, and home town papers who are only too happy to announce that their local kid has a shot at the big time. The Browns policy means that they are literally the only people not talking about the free agents they've signed.

Other teams have been a little more forthcoming. For example, while they don't have any information up about this year's free agents yet, in years past, the Steelers have been pretty prompt about letting fans know who they've signed in the days following the draft.

This isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it is a missed opportunity to reach out to fans at a time when their off-season interest in the team is at its peak. It would also probably draw a little traffic to what is a pretty lame team website. Not that the Browns apparently care about drawing traffic to their site -- I mean, they haven't even bothered to update the site's history section to include regular season results for the last two seasons.

Anyway, only a few of the names on the free agent list are likely to end up making the team or the practice squad, but there's one free agent that everybody in Northeast Ohio is going to be pulling for, and that's Rick Drushal, an offensive lineman from The College of Wooster. Yeah, you read that right--Wooster. Drushal's a three time Division III All-American who, based on his comments in this article, is about as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning.


Vinny said...

So, Walter Thomas may be a crook. He wouldn't be the first bad man to play for the Browns. He'd still look good in the middle of the line.

I would have also liked to see the Browns grab some of these undrafted guys:

Darius Walker (RB--Notre Dame)
Jackie Battle (FB--Houston)
David Patteson (DT--Ohio State)
Rhema McKnight (WR--Notre Dame)
DeAndre Jackson (CB--Iowa State)

Hardaway Hates Pittsburgh said...

Hornless Rhino: Here's some useless trivia for ya: Who is the last D3 player to play for the Browns?

Hornless Rhino said...

R.J. Bowers?

Hardaway Hates Pittsburgh said...

correct! I am impressed...

Vinny said...

It's shit like that that makes him the choice of millions of readers.