Monday, April 09, 2007

My apologies.

For years, I complained that Hargrove never won games or prevented losses as a manager. I have to apologize to Mr. Hargrove. He sure did a good job of staving off defeat last Friday at the Jake. With the Tribe leading 4-0 and Yuniesky Betancourt facing a two-strike count, Hargrove claimed that no one could see and that the game should be called. The umps agreed.

Paul Byrd missed being a part of baseball history by one strike. Poor Victor Martinez. He squatted behind home in a snow storm all game, and all he got to show for it was a pulled quadricep.

Does this mean that, after just about every other sports guy on the planet picked the Tribe to win the division, the baseball gods decided to f**k with all of us?

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