Saturday, April 28, 2007

Eric Wright

Holy smokes! It's official -- Phil Savage is working without a net.

A lot of people thought that Eric Wright had first round talent (some people speculated that the Saints might take him with the 28th pick), but character issues kept him off the board until now.

One way of looking at this draft is that the Cleveland Browns managed to trade their way to the equivalent of three first round picks. The other is that the Dallas Cowboys may have just done to the Browns what they once did to the Vikings with the Herschel Walker trade.

By the way, I can't sit by and watch the Browns draft a problem child named Eric Wright and not give a shout out to Dr. Dre and the single most misogynistic rap song ever written.

Somehow, Dr. Dre seems kind of appropriate for this pick, doesn't he? Good luck with this guy, Phil.


Hardaway Hates Pittsburgh said...

Maybe Eric can record a single called "Straight outta Cleveland"

Hornless Rhino said...

You mean something like this?