Friday, March 30, 2007

Who's the QB?

Yesterday, a report leaked, which Phil Savage confirmed, that he contacted the Chiefs about QB Trent Green.

At any time, that would be interesting news, especially because neither Charlie Frye nor Derrek Anderson has shown much under center. But, hearing that news 28 days before the draft elevates the quarterback debate. Most NFL GM's like to have a veteran tutor a young QB. So, if the Browns get Green it raises the question: Who's he supposed to tutor? Will it be Frye, Anderson or the Browns first round draft choice ?

Most of the people doing mock drafts have the Browns taking Brady Quinn with pick number 3. Then again, everyone in pro football knows that Savage has been bird-dogging JaMarcus Russell since he basically came out of the womb.

The Rhino and I recently had a discussion about the draft. My thought is that, even though a GM intellectually knows he has to rebuild the offensive line (i.e. drafting Joe Thomas or trading down for more picks), when he's on the clock, he starts to look at a highly touted QB like an addict looks at a pile of cocaine. He damns the intellectual consequences for the immediate high. In that case, the high is Sundays of Elway-esque perfomances and Lombardi trophies held aloft.

Twenty-eight days from now, Savage will be on the clock and the demons disguised as angels will be calling.


graham said...

I don't like Quinn, but I'd rather see Savage take him than Thomas. We need to rebuild the line in part through the draft, but that doesn't mean we have to take a lineman in the top 3. Part of the Browns problem is not that they have ignored the line with their first round picks, its that they consistently have ignored the line in the first few ROUNDS, where some really great lineman can be taken. Savage can pick a lineman in rounds 2-7 for all I care, just not at the #3 pick where you can get some studs who actually touch the ball.

Savage has to take a high impact player at the top 3, someone who will dramatically change they game. Almost every report on Thomas says he isn't a Pace or Ogden type, and he already has torn his knee up once, something the Browns are surely weary of.

They need to trade down and get a bunch of picks to fix this mess, and if not roll the dice on Peterson or if possible, Russell. I can't stand Quinn, but Thomas at #3 makes less sense to me.

Vinny said...

I like Thomas.

In fact, I like all four of the names being bandied around (Russell, Quinn, Peterson and Thomas). Each one is a huge upgrade over what's sitting in those slots right now.

This is the first time I've really been optimistic about the draft in a very long time.