Friday, February 23, 2007

NHL-Style Alernative Dispute Resolution

Everybody's seen this on Sportscenter, but here's the call as it happened. I know I'm a barbarian, but I love a good old fashioned hockey brawl every now and again. The hit on Chris Drury wasn't that bad, but Buffalo's reaction to the hit is further evidence that they're ratcheting up the intensity after sleepwalking through the last month or so of the season.

I'm only sorry that I've got my own hockey game to play tomorrow night, or else I'd be tempted to plunk down the money for the NHL Center Ice package just to watch the rematch in Ottawa. How ugly could it get? We're talkin' NBA All-Star Weekend.

I can't believe that none of the Senators jumped in when Andrew Peters went after Ray Emery (who deserves a lot of credit for his guts). In fact, there appeared to be several Senators who never even dropped their gloves. That's not cool, and their fans have noticed. Perhaps the Senators remember what happened the last time the sent their top goon in to tangle with Peters. I've never seen a player go after a goalie, but then again, Andrew Peters is the closest thing to one of the Hanson brothers that we've got left in the NHL.

Update: Deadspin has a link to the Buffalo broadcast team's coverage of the fight. Listen to long-time Buffalo broadcaster Rick Jeanneret's call of the melee. I don't know about you, but I think he may have enjoyed it just a little.

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